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playbill_icons's Journal

playbill icons
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Welcome to the icon journal of livefortoday (Elle). Elle has been making graphics for a few years - she used to be a part of the Hilary Duff (YES, Hilary Duff) fandom, and had a website for her, hilary-rocks.org. Although Elle does not run that website or associate with than fandom anymore, she is still incredibly interested in graphics making, and loves to make things. Mostly in this icon journal, you'll find Broadway themed graphics. Oh, and Elle is a proud Photoshop 7.0 user.

Although this is a public graphic journal, there are a few rules:
- Please credit. These icons are made for other people, but not so that you can say that they are your own.

- Please comment in the thread before you take something. It's not NECESSARY, but I really would like to know what type of icons people like so that I can make more.

- Please be nice. You may think my icons suck, but please don't post that they do in my icon journal. There's a little X at the top right hand corner of the screen - click it if you don't like what you see.

Brush Credits
_coquettish . chouchoune . cosmo_mouse . miggy . my_wonderful . lovemelikemusic . firithel_icons . garishlight. any_otherday. ingenu0us. jeweledicecream. daughterofsnape . arisubox